It’s been a long time

Hey guysssss me and Hayley haven’t been on this for AGES but i thought id jump back on the blogging wagon since my life has just changed completely (sorta)

Ok so currently i live in FRANCE (and yep you guessed it, Paris). 


I absolute adore living here, the culture the smell, the sounds are just sooo completely different to what i am used to, and also the challenge of speaking and understanding is a WHOLE different thing.

Ok so a little bit of my life in France:

  1. I go to an International Lycée and i am currently in Seconde (have to repeat a year because frankly i missed it) 
  2. The house i live in is small and not what im used to 😦 because Paris is a fortune.
  3. Everyone speaks to me in English because they can tell by my accent as soon as i say ‘excusez-moi ou bonjour’
  4. Everyone that speaks to me is so kind and helpfull (although met some downright b***** who are just rude to everybody)
  5. I have friends who are litteraly from all other the globe which is cool
  6. I am lonely because they have all gone to their home countries and i stayed in Paris :~~(((( ( no holiday for me this summer)
  7. I buy fresh baguettes daily and my favourite place to buy a ‘Croissant aux amandes’ is at a bakery called Mekerbech in paris 10éme
  8. Never gotten lost on the metro or missed my stop 😀
  9. Been too the eiffel tower many times its boring now
  10. I find Saint.Michel the best place to go promenading at night time 😀

Been here for nearly 3 months now and i absolutely love it, school is great but i have only been in a class with foreigners also and they are brill. The french people in the school are also nice and they will literally try and speak English with you and its so hilarious haha. Anyways enough of English im off to master my French without this awfull accent !

p.s everyone drools over british accents over here, because it sounds posher than normal when you start speaking. Literaly!

Au revoir et bonne soirée 😉


DIY: Make your own concealer!

So its sooo hard for me to find concealer in my colour that won’t cost me like £515410. HA ok like £20 yee im cheap.

I went and done my research and i found the easiest and the quickest way ever to do your own concealer, with products you are definitely going to have at home!

Products used:

  This is a face mist which works wonders at setting makeup, so i just add this to the mixture to make it stay on the face.

 A foundation in my colour and one, a shade lighter. I got the lighter shade cos a woman that calls herself a makeup artist said it fit my skin tone applied it on said it looked lovely and gave me a sample then i went home and my face was flippin ASHY and LIGHT WTF.

 I use nivea as it is nice and thick, however you should use a cream that suits your skin type, so dry skin this is ok to use but oily skin i would choose maybe olay.

 This is what i used to put the concealer in, just an old compact foundation thingie.

oh and i forgot to say COTTON BUDS!


Step one;

Add a dollop of nivea onto a container using a cotton bud,  i just used a lid because i already done it and stored it so this is for on the spot usage.

 this is the amount i used.

 Add it on, and just kinda mix it to go velvety and soft

 Next add on the lighter shade of foundation and mix it into the cream

 This is what it started to look like, yeah looks a bit disgusting and lumpy but hey the end results will be ace!

 add the face mist but it makes the mixture go slightly thinner and a bit lighter so…

 add the foundation of the right colour/darker colour and mix it all in nicely

 voila the end result, if you need to add anymore darker foundation then don’t hesitate to do so!


so to show how well it works i used it on a mole and a burn i have on my arm:


(molee molee molee, lets make some guacamolee) Did i see that on the suite life of zac and cody? hmm can’t remember but it was HILARE.



 i know the lighting is different but i used flash, to make sure that it actually looked good under flash.

make sure you set it with some powder after applying to ensure it stays on! I put it in the fridge for about an hour or so, for it to thicken and set amazing!

For a DIY concealer i think it is really good, and gives good coverage for such a simple homemade product, very very nice works wonders for me! Hope it works for you!

Ana xoxo

Self centred people

Some people have it all given to them at a click of a finger, but when it comes to them helping the people who give them the world they are too selfish.

I’m talking about people who are too selfish to help their mother with breast cancer, where one little thing can deteriorate their health and people who take their mothers for granted. people who do not care about the effects of their actions and how badly it affects others. i know someone like this and it pains me that they can be so disrespectful to the one who gave birth to them, and knowing that she will always be by their side.

and then what happens when it is too late?

regret, pain, sorrow?

A x

Ysl Touche Éclat Foundation.

Ok so i have had this foundation for a few months now and i think it is great!

It is not a full coverage foundation, so if that i what you are looking for then this is not for you. The foundation comes in a nice shiny gold boxiYSL-le-touche-eclat-foundation-photo[1]

so the actual foundation gives a very luminous finish which will look very oily on oily skin therefore this would not be totally suitable for oily skin, i use it and i have quite dry skin yet at the end of the day my face does get  a bit oily so powder is a must.

when i apply this, i simply use a foundation brush which you can buy from your local boots in the UK for like £16. i’m not really a makeup maniac so i just use a brush from primark i bought for £2 or for a more natural look i use a sponge.

The thing i love bout the foundation is that you can put a few layers on without it being cakey or streaky, and for dull skin like mine it gives it such a healthy glow.

the foundation costs around £29 i think? the most i have ever spent on makeup i love it and will continue using it! i’ve had it for about 2 months and still quite full!

A x

p.s, i have quite dark skin so good quality foundations are usually hard to find in the ‘countryside’ i live in but this comes in 17 shades! xo


So here it is, a month where we are able to reflect on the history of the black folks’!

we all know the famous names of Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many many more… it is a time to educate ourselves of what our ancestors went through what they fought for and where we are now!

Many people do not care for black history month but i believe it is a vital tool in keeping our history alive! Many people dread this month and it means nothing to them but it is such a shame, and not just for black people but for many others too! 

throughout this month maybe once a week i’ll talk about BHM and any ridiculously funny things i find about it e.g (someone on twitter asked: how long is black history MONTH on for?) haha

A xImage


I just don’t understand some people, i mean they feel the need to be involved in EVERYTHING and it has nothing to do with them.

I mean, we live in a society where standards are ridiculously high whether it comes to looks,personality like a dickhead that makes you somehow cool and popularity. I mean, i couldn’t care less about any of those things (although beauty is a must for me), people think that those things make their world go round when really when they grow up they will realise how much they were so foolish.

Anyways, my rant is about people who make fun of others, to make themselves look bigger than what they really are. Makes me feel sad to see people my age so ignorant and when so much can be said about them too.

Just remember people, no one is perfect and it is not your right to decide what is.


Peplum is ridiculously hot at the minute, i am so in love with it. What would go even better with a peplum dress are some Louboutin shoes. However i can not afford them therefore i shall dream.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous and gives such a beautiful curvaceous shape which i absolutely love! It’s also so sophisticated and teamed up with these beauties;

these shoes are absolutely gorgeous and would totally look great on anyone, and if you are tall; like me then you will look like a hot giant ;D

i know the colours kind of clash but that’s the beauty of fashion, it does not have to be perfect. Those little imperfections are what makes it stand out!